Zanna Records

Gianluca Zanna: Songwriter/Record Producer & Publisher


Songwriter/Record Producer:

  • Writing Lyrics--initial or over the pre-existing composition

  • Versatile Style--range of  musical genre, tonality, harmonies, rhythms, and formats

  • Adept with Digital Audio Workstations and Traditional Instruments to Develop the Song

  • Directing Recording Sessions--overseeing and creating with the vocal artist and engineer all the way down to the mix stage to develop final sound


  • Over 100 Songs Published available all over--on Amazon.com, iTunes, and similar digital outlets

  • His music influences range from Billy Idol, to Donna Summers, from AC/DC to The Prodigy

  • Traditional Instruments: Gianluca Zanna plays a bit of everything: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, etc., but he says the brain is his main instrument.

  • Songwriter and Publisher with ASCAP

  • Former Owner of www.soundeffects.com (sold:) and www.soundfx.com the top domain names in the Sound Effects business

  • Working Philosophy in 3 Words: Creative, Professional, and Songs that you will remember

  • Book Author go to Zanna's Books