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New Rock Hit - "Life goes On" by Gianluca Zanna

Zanna Records just released "Life Goes On" - a powerful Romantic Rock Song written and produced by Gianluca Zanna, Arranged by Simone Sello and Mixed by Brian Reeves Available on every digital platforms all over the world.

Life Goes On Music & Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna © 2023 Arranged by Simone Sello Vocals by Erick Bieger Mixed by Brian Reeves Produced by Gianluca Zanna

Life, Life goes on without you Life goes on Life, Life goes on without you A new day is born Since I was a child I felt the pain but You gave me hope It was not in vain So many times yes I tried but you just said no but you just said no I gave you all all my soul I was not afraid to show my love but at the end you took it all and now is gone and now is gone



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