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Zanna Records starts collaboration with Romanian DJ Andrei Murariu

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Zanna Records has started a great collaboration with Romanian DJ Music Producer Adrei Murariu.

Romanian DJ Music Producer Andrei Murariu
Romanian DJ Music Producer Andrei Murariu

Breaking the barriers of distance, Gianluca Zanna, US-based Zanna Records CEO's has created a very productive collaboration with DJ Music Producer Andrei who is based in Bucharest Romania, In just a few months Andrei has started remixing some of Gianluca Zanna's greatest hitsready to be licensed all over the world STORM XXX STORM DESTINY JUST DREAM IT - DESTINY I WANT TO KNOW - DESTINY NADINE REMIX ANOTHER NIGHT IN PARIS - NADINE THE OTHER SIDE of MY HEART - NADINE SANDMAN REMIX CLUB To listen to the tracks CLICK HERE



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