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Gianluca Zanna Songwriter Music Producer


Gianluca Zanna's trademark style whether a tune or turn of phrase in lyrics, is creating a rhythm and image that is instantly appealing and memorable.


Youtubers, Producers, Publishing Companies and Individual Singer/Songwriters welcome to inquire.


Gianluca Zanna is the consummate professional and team player when it comes to collaboration with others in the business of creating meaningful, memorable, and marketable music for personal, public and performance endeavours. Gianluca is proficient and experienced in all aspects of music entertainment partnerships and welcomes new opportunities to join forces, working jointly on any and all aspects of song production and music creation. 


He is both a versatile technician and artist, capable of expertly rendering ideas into a polished product. His disposition, working style, and process are flexible, easy-going and reliable. Gianluca is an acute, active listener both in partnership and with the musical production, equipped with a wide and varied repertoire of musical genre knowledge and mood evocation skills for efficiently generating the perfect product upon request if is not currently available in his catalogue.

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