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Gianluca Zanna Songwriter Music Producer Zanna Records CEO

It all begins with a dream—a flicker of possibility that ignites the soul. Gianluca Zanna, the visionary songwriter, krav-maga, and firearms instructor knows this truth intimately. His life story is a testament to the power of relentless pursuit and unwavering passion.


Born in Rome, and growing up the first years of his childhood in Anzio, after a childhood marked by the divorce of his parents and witnessing his father's domestic violent behavior toward his mother, Gianluca started looking for escape in nature and in solitude. Picture a 10-year-old boy standing on the rooftop of his grandfather Bruno's apartment in Anzio, spending days facing the salty breeze from the Tirreno Sea while writing his first poems. His eyes gaze across the horizon, and within that vast expanse, he dreams. His dream? To cross oceans, language barriers, and cultural boundaries—to arrive in America and become a songwriter. A big dream for a little boy who hadn't yet mastered English.

Meanwhile, he was learning English while listening to his favorite rock bands, Gianluca's first song emerged from broken English and a makeshift guitar—a mere two strings strung across a wooden broom handle. The chords resonated with the echoes of his grandfather's serenades, the cinematic scores from his family's theater. It felt like yesterday, yet it was the genesis of a lifelong journey.


At 11 years Life led Gianluca to the Italian National Boarding School Convitto Nazionale, where sterile hallways couldn't contain his creative spirit. Amid textbooks and regimented routines, he found solace in music. The attic yielded forgotten instruments—a guitar, a bass, a drum. Gianluca taught himself to play, transcending the confines of academia.


After the Public Boarding School, at the age of 16 Gianluca joined the elite Military Academy Nunziatella an experience that defined his rebellious character in search for freedom. From that point, he found who he really wanted to be and where he wanted to live.


Gianluca's search for freedom carried him beyond Italy's shores. At the age of 19, he started his journey around the world looking for the love of his life. Alone, with no phone and no credit card (at the time there were no cellular phones) he started his journey to faraway destinations like Canarias Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga Islands, and Singapore, crossing over Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland... but finally, at the age of 30 he was able to emigrate to America, the place where the rest of journey would have created his new life. 
After a past of world traveling and windsurfing that you can feel in his songs, still in Italy, before he legally emigrated to America, Gianluca Zanna was one of the youngest Publishers in the Industry with his Music Business Magazine "Contatto Discografico;" he also published music books including "Vocal Method of Elizabeth Sabine," the vocal coach of several Rockstar's from Hollywood like Megadeth and Axl Rose; and he was a Music Manager and Music Producer. Gianluca Zanna is the former owner of and, the top domain names in the Sound Effects business.


Zanna Records: Where Emotions Sing

Besides being a Krav-Maga Military and Firearms Instructor, and also a professional in executive Protection, Today, Gianluca Zanna stands at the helm of Zanna Records the record label that produces his musical creations. With over 120 unique songs Gianluca Zanna's real-life emotions metamorphose into lyrics and melodies. Each song is a chapter—a testament to dreams realized, goals achieved, and the magic of music. Gianluca's journey continues, a symphony in progress.

About gianluca Zanna 

Gianluca Zanna meets Brian Reeves

Brian Reeves Gianluca Zanna

February 17/ 2022 Bullhead City AZ
Today I had the honor to meet in person the man who was behind some of the songs that kept me alive and sane when I was a teenager trapped in Italy between boarding school and military school. Brian Reeves was the man who helped artists like Billy Idol. Donna Summer U2 Simple minds to create their magic sound on their records. We had a great lunch today in bullhead city and super excited Brian is mixing some of my newest songs. There is a "Storm" brewing. Be ready. For an Italian boy who grew up in boarding school, dreaming one day to come to America and do the things I do, this is a magic day. Thank you, Brian.

kuca mixer_edited.jpg

Before I left Rome Italy, 1997 Recording Studios Forum

Gianluca Zanna Forum Recording Studios 25 years later

Gianluca Zanna Forum Recording Studios 25 years later

I AM ZANNA 🔊 Feat DJ Manuel Fernandez | 🎛️ Mastering by Brian Reeves |  techno music 💎
Gianluca Zanna Music

I AM ZANNA 🔊 Feat DJ Manuel Fernandez | 🎛️ Mastering by Brian Reeves | techno music 💎

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