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Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci Starts Collaboration with Zanna Records Delivering Enchanting Acoustic Remix

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Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci, Musician, Arranger, Music Producer

Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci, musician, arranger and music producer, just completed an enchanting remix of an incredible acoustic version of the latest pop dance song by Gianluca Zanna "I Want to Know - Are You the One." Vezio and Gianluca met for the first time in Rome, Italy, over 3 decades ago, when Zanna was a young music manager and Vezio was playing bass in a reggae band. Time passed by, and Zanna in 1998 emigrated to America; Vezio, the same year emigrated to London, where he continues his music career with great success. He achieves collaborations with artists like Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders,) touring in the USA. Also, together with Peter Gabriel, he produced an acoustic version of "Big Time," used for the music intro of the NBA in the US. Vezio has been also working with other music stars like Simple Minds and Simply Red with the music producer Andu Wright, and he was part of the music band Big Linda receiving great feedback from the public for the CD I Loved You (Sony/ATV UK), and the song "Get It While You Can" chosen as the sound track for the series Sons Of Anarchy.

Working long distance, Vezio, from his music studio in Rome, Italy, and Gianluca, from the U.S, have just coproduced this amazing new acoustic remix version of the latest hit pop dance song "I Want to Know - Are you the One," original song by Gianluca Zanna. Vezio, in this version, also plays the acoustic guitar, reminiscent of Ennio Morricone's Western movie soundtracks. This version will be mixed and mastered by Brian Reeves, distributed all over the world by Zanna Records and made available for licensing for movies and television.

Gianluca Zanna, Songwriter & Music Producer for Zanna Records

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