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I Want to Know - Are You the One - Acoustic Remix

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Gianluca Zanna Reunites with an Old Friend to Create Musical Magic with “I Want to Know (Are You the One) [Acoustic Remix]” by Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci

The wonders of a remix are fascinating in the way that an artist or musician can completely reshape the sonics and or sound of a song while still maintaining the intent behind the original. That’s exactly what Gianluca Zanna has achieved in several facets with his smash single “I Want to Know (Are You the One)” which has been the beneficiary of a number of remix versions…all crafty and masterfully arranged, creating a distinct character for each.

Gianluca’s latest endeavor into the remix landscape can be regarded literally as a form of musical magic as he has released an acoustic remix version of “I Want to Know (Are You the One)” in collaboration with the renowned musician, producer and arranger Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci, a music savant who has worked with such industry powerhouses as Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Chrissie Hyde of The Pretenders, Simple Minds and many others. With acclaimed studio engineer and producer Brian Reeves throwing on the pristine final touches behind the mixing board, this is truly a project to behold.

Maestro Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci

The development of this unique collaboration has a magnificent back story as Vezio and Gianluca first met in Rome over three decades ago when they both were in the early stages of establishing their music careers. As time passed and circumstances changed, Gianluca emigrated to the U.S. in 1998 and Vezio emigrated to London that same year. 23 years later, the seasoned music veterans reunited via the internet…the power of the world wide web is immense, I tell you. Gianluca and Vezio’s story is a powerful example of how the internet is able to connect people in unforeseen ways…but back to the song. Gianluca and Vezio have formed a flourishing long-distance music partnership in which Vezio utilizes his studio in Rome and Gianluca operates out of his Zanna Records headquarters in the U.S. The resultant song is a composition of wonder as Vezio plays the acoustic guitar, viola, and acoustic bass sections of the track. It creates a spectacular mystique that puts my mind in a number of scenarios, ranging from Old Europe to the pioneer era of the U.S. as Americans headed out West seeking riches and fortune.

Each strum of the acoustic guitar phrase and accompanying instrumentation envelop your listening senses into a dazzling experience. Surrounding the lush, textured vocals of the original, the crisp, pristine musicality clears a path for the already lustrous vocals of the song to stand out even more prominently. This remix version offers a unique placidity to the listener and its soothing tones amplify the concept of romance that the lyrical content expresses.

“I Want to Know (Are You the One) [Acoustic Remix]” is available on all streaming platforms. Make sure to stream it via the Spotify link below and watch the enthralling visuals on the YouTube link enclosed below as well. Throwing in a bit of history, part of the video was shot in an ancient abbey near Rome dating back to 1100! Make sure to give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment.

Scroll further down below to also connect with and learn more about Gianluca Zanna in the Connect and Bio sections. We’ve also included the full-length lyrics so you can read or sing along to the song. Enjoy!


  • Arranged and Remixed by Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci

  • Music & Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

Connect with Gianluca Zanna

Gianluca Zanna - CEO Zanna Records

Gianluca Zanna says : "I believe that in life nothing happens by accident but like in chemistry nothing gets destroyed and everything transforms into something new, even our past experiences. I was 23 or so the first time I met my friend Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci in Rome. He was a young talented musician while I was a young music manager. He and his brothers came to my rehearsal music studio and I started following him at concerts. In 1998 I left Italy to emigrate to America and he emigrated to London. And now, 23 years later, we reconnect again and we are producing music together. I am humbled and proud to have Vezio as a friend and part of our production team at Zanna Records. Check this amazing Acoustic Remix that Vezio produced for Peter Gabriel (Genesis) the official acoustic Remix of ‘Big Time’ that was used for the commercial for NBA games in the US Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci - Bacci Brothers Records - Peter Gabriel)"

Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci is a talented multi instruments musician, music producer and arranger. Here are some of his great collaborations and music productions of the last few years.. We are proud to have him in our production team at Zanna Records.

Photo 1: playing bass with Big Linda at Brixton Academy in London (Velvet Revolver support act) Photo 2 with Mike Rutherford (Genesis, Mike and the mechanics) Backstage Highclare Concert

Third photo with Jocelyn Brown ("Love's Gonna Get You" by Snap,Chic, Boy George) Phot 4 playing bass at Niagara falls Casino Hotel with Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)

Photo 5 on stage in USA with JP Chrissie and The Fairground boys

Photo 6 with Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) at Highcare Castel concert

Photo 7 with Mark King (Level 42) and Rolando Bacci in London

Photo 8 with Greg Calbi at Sterling Studios in New York mastering one of his recordsVirgin Records

Photo 9 with Andy Wright (Natalie Imbruglia, Simply Red,Simple Minds, Pavarotti)

Photo 10 with Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) live in New Orleans Us Tour 2010

Photo 11 with Tom Zutaut, Slash and the band Big Linda backstage at Viper in LA

Vezio Pontecorvo Bacci worked as an arranger and producer with Peter Gabriel (Genesis) producing the official acoustic Remix of ‘Big Time’ Vezio's version was used for the commercial of NBA games in the US.

Vezio wrote the album's songs with Robbie Craig where he played all the instruments

The album was recorded and mixed in London by Vezio and Manolo Remiddi

Mastered in New York at Sterling Sound Studios by Greg Calbi

Vezio produced recorded and mixed "I LIKE YOU" for Mercury Records

he stayed at number 5 in the official Spanish charts around 2000


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