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“Storm (Remix Club)” featuring Luc Rushmere

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A pulsating kick drum that screams quintessential EDM which sits prominently atop a bevy of harmonious electronic synth elements and intimately heartfelt lyrics defines the essence of the “Storm (Remix)” by Italian recording artist Gianluca Zanna. It is a high-spirited track that is gripping from a musical perspective and lyrical as well as absorbs the suggestive content.

“Storm (Remix)” is a resounding song and composition and as Gianluca has shown a consistent propensity to do, he has brilliantly reimagined it into the form of a club remix featuring the entrancing vocals of South African singer and performer Luc Rushmere on the hook. Gianluca previously paired up with Luc for a lively remixed version of “I Want to Know (Are You the One)”. Their collaboration on “Storm (Remix Club)” not only is a testament to the marvels of modern technology as they’ve united on this track virtually, but it shows that these two artists are shaping up into a formidable recording tandem.

The instrumentation of “Storm (Remix Club)” contains the same illuminating sonics as its predecessor but most notable, the infectious electric guitar riff has been remolded into a delightful electronic synth melody that’s extremely ear-catching. The rock edge is replaced with an all-encompassing EDM vibe.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the original rendition and our review of it, the origins of “Storm (Remix)” derives from a personal experience that occurred in Gianluca’s life, and the descriptive lyrics channel his emotions at the time. It expresses such a personal authenticity, that you can’t help but be drawn to it and immerse yourself in the sentiments it conveys. To provide even more context into the evolution of this track, let’s revisit Gianluca’s explanation of the unconventional manner in which the song developed….

The original riff started while I was jamming with my bass at my Music Club in Kingman Arizona and from there, I continued creating the song in my sleep…I dreamt that I was listening to the melody pumping from the speakers of a red sports car I was driving in Miami. Then I woke up and I started recording the song. The lyrics are the result of another real-life experience I had with a woman who crossed my path and gave me such emotions you can listen in the song. Gianluca Zanna

That exact sentiment is definitely captured in the lyrical content and is a testament to Gianluca’s adept songwriting skills as he masterfully is able to musically convey a life event to you as a listener and the concept of the song appears so vividly in your mental imagery. The romantically passionate lyrics brought forth on “Storm (Remix Club)” are absolutely beaming as they project a ray of light over the track overall;

“Storm (Remix Club)” is available on all streaming platforms and you can jam to it via the Spotify and YouTube links below. Indulge yourself in the electrifying sound. If you prefer YouTube, play it and hit the thumbs up button, plus drop a comment while you’re at it. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you’re in the loop on all the latest content. If you’re checking it out on Spotify, stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library!

Scroll further down below to also connect with and learn more about Gianluca Zanna in the Connect and Bio sections. We’ve also enclosed the lyrics so you can sing or follow along. Enjoy! article by Streamlinemusicblog

Gianluca Zanna driving in Las Vegas by Night
Gianluca Zanna driving in Las Vegas by Night

“Storm (Remix Club)” Credits

  • Music & lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

  • Produced by Gianluca Zanna



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