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Gianluca Zanna Delivers “Storm (Remix)” an Unbridled Energy on Rock-Infused Electropop Smash

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Marked by a stupendous combination of an infectious electric guitar riff, a simmering drum track, a bevy of harmonious electronic synth elements, and intimately heartfelt lyrics, “Storm (Remix)” by former Italian recording artist Songwriter, Music producer, Gianluca Zanna is a bonanza of kinetic sound.

For the “Storm (Remix)” single Gianluca continues his prodigious partnership with prominent music industry stalwart Brian Reeves, a world-famous record producer and sound engineer who has been behind the projects of luminaries such as Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Billy Idol, U2 and Simple Minds. Gianluca and Brian have formed a robust collaborative union that has produced a series of ear-catching singles that will leave you dazzled. The origins of “Storm (Remix)” actually derives from a personal experience that occurred in Gianluca’s life and the descriptive lyrics channel his emotions at the time similar to an illuminating track of his that we recently covered titled “I Want to Know (Are You the One”); “Storm (Remix)” brings that same energy to the tenth power with its high voltage infusion of rock and personal authenticity. Gianluca explains the unconventional manner in which the song developed….

The original riff started while I was jamming with my bass at my Music Club in Kingman Arizona and from there, I continued creating the song in my sleep…I dreamt that I was listening to the melody pumping from the speakers of a red sports car I was driving in Miami. Then I woke up and I started recording the song. The lyrics are the result of another real-life experience and gave me such emotions you can listen in the song.

Gianluca Zanna

That exact sentiment is definitely captured in the lyrical content and is a testament to Gianluca’s adept songwriting skills as he masterfully is able to musically convey a life event to you as a listener and the concept of the song appears so vividly in your mental imagery.

There’s a storm that’s in your eyes Fire’s burning in my mind Babe you know that you’ll be mine Source: Excerpt from “Storm (Remix)”: Gianluca Zanna

The romantically passionate lyrics brought forth on “Storm (Remix)” are absolutely beaming as they project a ray of light over the track overall; that vibe is enhanced even further with the aforementioned instrumentation that lights up the sonics. The sound design on the electro pop components and percussion is wondrous, creating an out-of-this-world spatial effect. The composition is exceptionally arranged, and the 80’s reminiscent guitar phrase that resonates across the soundscape is a feat of ingenuity that sets this track apart from its contemporaries in the electro pop space.

My body wants you every night Every second of this life my flesh and soul feel so alive Source: Excerpt from “Storm (Remix)”: Gianluca Zanna

“Storm (Remix)” is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify and YouTube links below). Indulge yourself in the electrifying sound. If you prefer YouTube, play it and hit the thumbs up button, plus drop a comment while you’re at it. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you’re in the loop on all the latest content. If you’re checking it out on Spotify, stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library!

Scroll further down below to also connect with and learn more about Gianluca Zanna in the Connect and Bio sections. Enjoy!

“Storm (Remix)” Credits

  • Music & lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Arranged by Simone Sello

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

  • Produced by Gianluca Zanna

Storm Remix on the Air on Pulse FM all over Sweden March 2/02/2022

Storm Remix on the Air on KISS FM 104.7 March 5th 2022

This version of Storm is the first version, performed by a male vocalist, arranged and mixed by Simone Sello.

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