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Wake up! Don't believe their Lies! "Thrive - Brian Reeves Remix"

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Imperative statements like “Wake up!”, “join the fight!” and “resist!” are just some of the empowering directives that Gianluca Zanna has placed in his new track, “Thrive (Brian Reeves Remix)”. Gianluca dazzles on this project as he presents an enlightening and somewhat clairvoyant commentary on society. Originally penned over a decade ago, Gianluca’s perspective forecast and viewpoint on the state of the world ring so true when you take a look at the current state of global affairs.

Gianluca explains the inspiration that sparked the creation of the song, “I wrote this song over 12 years ago, feeling the dangerous moment humanity is facing in the struggle for freedom against the dark agenda of the globalists who want to enslave us and destroy our individual rights. I had a dream where I heard the music and the lyrics came in the following days while driving in my car, like a hypnotic message to wake up an entranced world under the control of the globalists’ propaganda”.

These words are haunting given the caustic issues that have permeated the global landscape over the last couple of years…issues that have affected the masses socially, politically and economically. Gianluca seemed to have been on to something twelve years ago and the release of this kinetically charged up techno/trance/pop track is a welcome addition to the music scene.

“Thrive (Brian Reeves Remix)” is a track that independent thinkers will appreciate and embrace, while also taking others on a thought-provoking journey smoothed out with an incredible sound. The instrumentation on the track offers boundless energy as it projects the aural illusion of bouncing in the air. The buoyancy of the melodic synths is extremely infectious, and the incorporated abstract elements set up a dramatic stage for the profound lyrical content. The bright piano that follows the lead synth melody is also a vital component driving the appealing musicality of the composition.

Almost four and a half minutes of sheer electricity is what you get with “Thrive (Brian Reeves Remix)”, whether it’s being provided by the luminous sonics or the mind-spurring lyrics. This is a songwriting masterstroke by Gianluca and he deserves major kudos for expressing his sentiments authentically and unfiltered.

“Thrive (Brian Reeves Remix)” is available on all streaming platforms. This is a track you will definitely have to stream on repeat! Make sure to playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library plus drop a thumbs up on the YouTube and comment.

We’ve also enclosed the lyrics, so you read or sing along with the track. Enjoy!


Connect with Gianluca Zanna

Gianluca Zanna, songwriter music producer

Thrive (Brian Reeves Remix) Lyrics

Wake Up Can you see the light Can You see the light Don’t believe their lies Thrive this is your life Freedom don’t let it die Thrive don’t just survive Rise it is our time

Engage Resist Persist Learn Share Rise Dream Envision, Your decision Can you see the light Don’t believe their lies Are awake? Don’t be fake Open your eyes no more lies stop the war feed the poor Join the fight don’t comply Say No to the NWO They want to enslave us all Government you ain’t my God

Learn the truth and freedom will never die



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