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“I Want to Forget You (Dance Remix)”

When we first covered the “I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix”, we marveled at Gianluca Zanna’s seamless departure from his slickly produced dance-infused electropop stylings as this song possessed a hard-edged rock sound replete with a barrage of surging electric guitars and bellowing vocals…pure rock energy delivered with a fervent zest.

The kinetic and gritty soundscape of the song also captured the intensity of the wavering emotions and internal conflicts that can ensue from the turbulence of a romance in flux. Let’s revisit what Gianluca revealed about the underlying concept and backstory of the song…

A true love story, as all the songs I write come from real-life experiences and emotional drama. A bitter-sweet love story with the woman who stole my heart and at the same time I was conflicted. It happened 12 years ago and I wrote this song on the road while I was driving from Los Angeles back to Arizona. Simone Sello helped me arrange it and he created a powerful guitar rock sound. Now, 12 years later Brian Reeves just remixed it and I have released it with my new record label Zanna Records. Gianluca Zanna

Well! As he promised, Gianluca has dropped the dance remix for this provocatively compelling song…. welcome the “I Want to Forget You (Dance Remix)” and what a gem it is as it maintains the raw, aural rock energy of the original version while also injecting an additional dose of vibrancy with its dance elements, starting with the lively kick and snare pattern and pulsating bass line. It’s an incredible mesh to hear as the guitar sections still stand out prominently layered with the aforementioned elements and a bevy of synthesized, ethereal instrumentation.

“I Want to Forget You (Dance Remix)” Credits

  • Music & Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Guitars by Simone Sello

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

  • Special thanks Marco Zanna

Gianluca Zanna
Gianluca Zanna and his bodyguard Big Mac

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