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Gianluca Zanna Brings a Rugged Edge in Rousing Rock song “I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix”

The electric guitars surge in a manner which resonate with an undeniable aplomb and the emotive vocals brilliantly convey the roller coaster of emotions that lost love can foster in addition to the toll it can take on the psyche. That’s the sound and mode that comes with the single “I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix” by the prolific Italian songwriter and recording artist Gianluca Zanna…an artist who possesses an uncanny ability to shape his life experiences into wondrous songs and compositions.

A true love story, as all the songs I write come from real-life experiences and emotional drama. A bitter-sweet love story with the woman who stole my heart and at the same time I was conflicted. It happened 12 years ago and I wrote this song on the road while I was driving from Los Angeles back to Arizona. Simone Sello helped me arrange it and he created a powerful guitar rock sound. Now, 12 years later Brian Reeves just remixed it and I have released it with my new record label Zanna Records. A dance version is coming next month. Gianluca Zanna
Gianluca Zanna in Miami Beach

“I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix” takes on a more rigid edge than the previous Gianluca Zanna dance-infused singles we’ve covered as this project carries a rock music soundscape. The production features a lush electric guitar section which drives the momentum of the song in unison with a rapid pace, upbeat percussion rhythm. The drums crash and rumble with an appealing potency.

The aural excitement of the track is evident right from the opening note and the power it projects is equally met with a commanding vocal presentation, particularly on the hook which has an anthemic feel to it as the choral effect of voices bellow the title of the track with fervor.

I want to forget you I know I will regret you If there is a way, I am going to find it I want to forget you I wish I never met you If there is a way, I am going to find it Source: Excerpt from the chorus of “I Want to Forget You”: Gianluca Zanna

The illustrious nature of the lyrics allows you a glimpse into Gianluca’s emotions spurred on by the events and circumstances of this broken romance and enhances the appeal of the song. It makes it extremely relatable and easy to engage with as the words ring out.

For this latest project, Gianluca links up with his frequent super team of collaborators, Brian Reeves and Simone Sello. As the title infers, internationally renowned sound engineer and producer Reeves mixed the track and Simone Sello handled the arrangement. It’s a “can’t miss” endeavor when these three seasoned talents unite to create musical magic.

“I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix” is available on all streaming platforms. Stream it on repeat! playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library! You can also check out a bevy of other spectacular Gianluca Zanna songs on his Spotify profile. They each carry a poignant story and are complemented with a compelling, diverse array of musicality.

Scroll further down below to also connect with and learn more about Gianluca Zanna in the Connect and Bio sections. Enjoy!

“I Want to Forget You – Brian Reeves Mix” Credits

  • Music & lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Arranged by Simone Sello

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

  • Produced by Gianluca Zanna for Zanna Records



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