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“Love in Sedona” Unveils a Real Love Story Born in the Heart of Arizona

SEDONA, AZ – A new digital comic, “Love in Sedona,” has been released by creators Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons. This free comic is a heartfelt depiction of a real love story that blossomed in the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona.

Gianluca Zanna, in real life, as in the comic, is a Krav-Maga Self-defense instructor and international music producer and songwriter.

Claudette Lyons, a mystique woman with an honorary doctorate in philosophy, is also a Kundalini Yoga instructor, certified hypnotherapist, self-defense practitioner, and singer.

Gianluca and Claudette have collaborated to bring their beautiful love story to life through this comic.

They have also created a music duo the “Love in Sedona” with hypnotic dance hits singles like “Just Feel it”, “Love in Sedona” and “Just let it go”, “We are our Thoughts”. “Just Let it go” and the latest hit “Stand up for your life”.

“Love in Sedona” is a romantic action comic that can be downloaded for free at Additionally, the comic is available in any Sedona shop that displays the free QR code. This initiative aims to make the comic accessible to all, celebrating love and connection in the enchanting landscape of Sedona.

For more information, please visit About the Creators:

Gianluca Zanna is a Self-Defense Kravmaga and Firearms Instructor, former Executive protection agent and Songwriter

Claudette Lyons is a multi-faceted individual with a rich background in philosophy, yoga, hypnotherapy, self-defense, and singing.

Their combined talents and unique perspectives have resulted in “Love in Sedona,” a digital comic that encapsulates a genuine love story set against the backdrop of one of Arizona’s most stunning locations.

Name: Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons Email:

New digital comic ‘Love in Sedona’ unveils a real love story born in the heart of Arizona

‘Love in Sedona’ hits over 126,000 streams on Spotify, new music video released



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