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How I create my songs at Zanna Records

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

by Gianluca Zanna

It all starts from the melody, which normally I dream of it or I find when I am in a state of trance in my creation room. Yes, I dream most of my melodies and I consider them like gifts coming from another dimension. Also, in my creation room I use the power of hypnosis to go in trance and find inspirations/

In this room I have all my basic instruments, like electric and acoustic bass and guitars, synth, electronic drums, a Tascam digital multitrack but the most important instrument is my mind, where I can see and hear the sounds of every instrument.

My inspiration room and minibar

Driving is another source of musical inspiration and I find the melodies coming to me.

Then I go to play the ideas live on my stage. I am not a professional musician but I can play a little bit of everything, enough to express my ideas.

Then the idea goes to one of my collaborator's arrangers who help me shape it as a final song, like the great Simone Sello who I worked for over 20 years together.

And finally, Mr Brian Reeves completes the product with the final mix and mastering.

Gianluca Zanna

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