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An Illuminating Love Song ”The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis”

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Other Side of My Heart - Alexis

Songwriters derive creative inspiration from a vast variety of resources, emotions and personal circumstances; however, Italian recording artist Gianluca Zanna takes his artistry to another level of brilliance as he possesses an uncanny ability to craft lyrical wonders of art out of his life experiences, particularly, in matters of romance.

It is quite fascinating indeed! Gianluca has provided an intimate glimpse into his past with such gripping singles as “Storm (Remix)” and “I Want to Know (Are You the One”). Gianluca continues to flourish exponentially with this creative approach in his latest single titled “The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis”, a luminous love song and composition that is abound with electropop dance energy and house/rock undertones.

The Gianluca produced track boasts a beaming soundscape that’s extremely buoyant as the sonics careen across your listening senses with a host of melodious synths, pads and rhythmic phrases; a bona fide testament to Gianluca’s musicianship and keen attention to sound design while it’s also an overt display of the adept skillset of renowned record producer and sound engineer, Brian Reeves (Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Billy Idol, U2 and Simple Minds), who mixed the project.

Gianluca Zanna Songwriter music producer for Zanna Records

So, now to the heart of the matter…. what exactly sparked Gianluca’s vision in penning this enchanting tune?!? We mention in the title that it came out of a chance encounter, however Gianluca vividly explains the origins of “The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis” and how it developed…

I wrote the lyrics of this song when I was 19 years old in my travels around the world, I was living in the French Polynesia South Pacific island of Huahine. Here I met this girl from New Zealand and I spent all night with her on the beach waiting for the sunrise and here I wrote the lyrics. 10 years later the song was recorded for the first time when I emigrated to America and just now it was finally produced and mixed the way I always envisioned it with Brian Reeves and my favorite vocalist ALEXIS. Gianluca Zanna

Gianluca Zanna's girlfriend in Polynesia

As always, Gianluca demonstrates an intrinsic ability to channel his deep emotions and memories of his romantic experiences into a song that is driven by an expressive and symbolic lyricism. The words masterfully convey the personal sentiments of those moments that Gianluca had in the midst of the encounter in addition to the longing reflections when looking back on the wondrous experience. Listening to the ocean Speaking with the moon Looking at the stars Crying in the night Whispering into heaven Falling down to hell Let me be your love again Let me be your love again… Source: Excerpt from “The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis”: Gianluca Zanna

The above is just a small sample of how these lyrics capture the adulation and fond memories etched in Gianluca’s mind; accentuated by a pulsating instrumental and largesse vocal presentation.

“The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis” is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify and YouTube links below). Head on over to Spotify and stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library! You can also dive into the audio stream posted to YouTube and share it on your social media platforms.

Scroll further down below to also connect with and learn more about Gianluca Zanna in the Connect and Bio sections. Enjoy!

“The Other Side of My Heart – Alexis” Credits

  • Music & lyrics by Gianluca Zanna

  • Arranged by Simone Sello

  • Mixed by Brian Reeves

  • Produced by Gianluca Zanna for Zanna Records



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